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Try using a crate — then, when you’re not available to supervise your dog, he’s in a controlled place and can’t destroy your house and belongings.
Puppies chew so new owners need to be aware of potential trouble spots around the home and to make sure that their house has been puppy proofed. Waste bins at puppy level — these can prove irresistible especially if they have something smelly inside.

Open cupboards (fix child safety locks if your pup’s persistent) and open kitchen appliances such as dishwashers or oven doors. They need to chew in order to bring on their adult teeth and eventually to displace and eject their puppy teeth.
Pups can’t tell what is yours and what is theirs, so it makes sense only to leave their toys lying about.

Pick up anything that is within your pup’s reach and remove it — only leave his own chew toys available to him.

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