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It wasn’t long after Monika took Maxx home that the true effects of his years in a puppy mill began to present themselves. Between surgeries, Maxx got to experience amazing things such as snow, the beach, dog parks and a petting zoo.
Maxx’s life began as a result of one of the most vile practices sanctioned in the name commercialism — he was a puppy mill dog.
Because of Maxx and his inspiration, dozens of dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and a variety of other homeless souls with 4 legs have a chance for a better life.
You’ll want to catch your puppy in the act when possible, so you can teach puppy the right way to go potty. When you catch puppy getting ready, you’ll need to show him or her where to go potty. When puppy is very little, you can’t expect more than approximately one hour of sleep for every month since their birth. Being prepared with this type of information can help you get through puppy potty training smoothly without too much stress.
If you have just started training your dog, you should see to it that you are giving commands that have one syllable only. Calling your dog and then punishing him is not a good practice, since he has just followed your command.

Playing with your dog is just as important as training your dog. Play with him whenever you can, so that he can feel that being with you is not just all about learning new things, but about having some fun as well.
Dogs love treats like dog biscuits. When training your pet, you should offer treats as a reward whenever your dog is trying hard to try to follow your command. If possible, the best thing to do is take puppy straight outside in order to help train that the inside of the house is not a potty spot. Typically speaking, most puppies will want to go potty about 30 to 40 minutes after they have eaten, or after waking up from a nap, or after they’ve played hard. There will be times when puppy will happily go outside to the potty spot, only to look at you with a puzzled expression. So, if you bring home a three month old puppy, expect to set the alarm for every three hours during the night, or wake up to a puddle or pile. Remember, consistency is key.  If you stick with it, your new puppy will be happily house-trained in no time.
For example, instead of using sit down, you should use sit, so that it will be easier for your dog to understand and remember. It also ensures that he gets enough exercise, which is important to his health. Walking on a regular basis will make your dog see it as a routine that he will look forward to each day.
Unfortunately, he had the hard luck of being born a puppy mill dog. Maxx had been a breeder dog in the puppy mill and no doubt would have died there.

Instead of adopting, she bought her next dog, Bella, from a reputable breeder who was diligent to protect the quality of the breed. If that’s not possible because puppy is too little to wait until you can get outside to the potty spot, then you will likely need to paper-train puppy first with a spot in the house. Then, just as you return to the house, puppy will suddenly understand, and go potty on the floor.
Puppy will be able to hold on longer and longer as time goes by, making it possible to plan an outdoor excursion to the potty spot. Because puppy wants only to please you and only to play with you, your praise and play means everything to them and they will do anything to get it – including go potty in the right place. Feed puppy at a time when you know you’ll have time in 30 minutes or so to take puppy for a potty run. Puppy is a creature of habit.  Therefore, if you are providing treats as a reward during potty training, be prepared with them immediately.
If potty time is 30 minutes after eating, make sure you get puppy out to the potty spot in 30 minutes.

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