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It may take a combination of two or three of these to solve the problem and get your dog pottying outside in the cold, but the right combination of approaches can put an end to indoor winter accidents. If your dog dislikes walking on snow or if his regular potty site is buried in the white stuff, you can help by shoveling a spot to potty. Take your dog out regularly, such as once every one to two hours during waking hours, to give him an opportunity to eliminate in a proper area.
For dogs who simply hate the snow or being cold or for pet owners who are at risk for a serious fall, it may be safer and more convenient to train the dog to use a mat, litterbox or grass-covered pet area in the home.

The smells of previous bathroom breaks serve as a green light for your dog to do his business in this space, and uncovered ground allows him to navigate without his paws slipping or freezing. Some dogs prefer to play and walk outside after pottying, but others feel more comfortable heading right back inside after they finish up. Willy was originally litterbox-trained in addition to his outdoor training; this sped up the potty-training process and reduced the number of indoor accidents.
Be aware, though, that training a pet to potty in an indoor area can make the transition to pottying outside more challenging.

Placing the potty grass outdoors rather than using potty pads inside the house can help the transition back to pottying in the normal outdoor area once the weather warms up.

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