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Choosing the right size crate is the key to success in potty training using the crate method. Step 5Take your beagle outside as soon as you let him out of the crate and give him an opportunity to do his business. Step 1Supervise your beagle closely while you are at home as an alternative to the crate training method.
Step 4Take your beagle outside to the designated potty area as soon as he begins exhibiting signs that he needs to go. Step 6Take your beagle outside every hour or two and lead him to the potty area to do his business.
Try incorporating a command phrase, like "go pee," when you take your beagle to the potty area in your backyard.
Punishing your dog during training sessions not only could hamper his progress, but it also could result in his developing fear toward you.

When you first bring home your beagle puppy one of the first things you will have to do is potty train him. The crate should be just large enough to accommodate your beagle's bed, and he should be able to sit, stand up and lie down comfortably in the crate.
Select a location where the crate will not be in the way so you can keep it there for the long term, even after your beagle has been potty trained. Dogs have a natural aversion to soiling their own beds so keeping your beagle in his crate during these times will help to prevent him from having an accident in the house.
If you need to leave your dog alone for more than eight hours, have a neighbor or friend come over to let the dog out and to give him some water. While he is learning to do his business outside, your beagle occasionally may have an accident in the house. The more consistent you are in enforcing potty training procedures, the faster your beagle will learn.

Your puppy likely will begin sniffing at the ground, walking in circle when he needs to go to the bathroom. If your dog doesn't have a positive association with the training sessions and with you, he is unlikely to respond consistently with the desired behavior. Though many potential dog owners dread the thought of potty training their dogs, it can be a simple process.
By using a crate to keep your beagle confined during your absence, you can prevent accidents while teaching your puppy that he is capable of holding his urge to go. If you follow the correct procedure, potty training can take as little as two to six weeks to accomplish.

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