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Most of these scare stories are propounded by forums and probably some of the dog manufacturers themselves. Other concerns was the belief that high protein could be a major factor in liver and kidney disorders.
This was believed to be the case especially in older dogs, as proteins are more difficult to metabolise as dogs age.
Proteins are processed through the liver;  any waste materials are then filtered and excreted through the kidneys. Some like Bakers Complete, Pedigree Complete, Science Plan, and Royal Canin do not always mention the type of plant protein in their food.
Then you may wish to look into that brand a little deeper  A great way of doing this is log on to (1) Which Dog Food or (2)  Dog Food Analysis .

Poor quality, mass produced pet foods are packed with protein from various sources including gluten, soy and corn. These types of fillers can also cause allergies and intolerances that affect the skin and overall well being of the dog. With quality protein the stools would be smaller less smelly, and have what I can only describe as a kick-ability factor. Kick a stool that has come from a dog that is been fed on food with poor protein and cereal fillers, and it will be on your shoe for weeks.
Kick the one on a quality protein diet, and it will bounce off your boots and score a goal  for your dog worthy of Pele.
However the dog is only able to process part of the low grade protein, at the cost of a lot of hard work by the kidneys and liver.

These are the manufacturers that fill their pet food with the worst and cheapest type of protein on the market.
Then you can feed your dog 100% protein and it will not cause any problems regarding hyperactivity.  No stress on the liver or kidneys,  as the waste products would be far less. High muscle meat based protein diets aren't just healthy for your ageing pet, they are essential.

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