Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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Moving to a new house: Dogs thrive on routine, and moving to a new home can have a big impact on his daily routine. Change of family members: A child going away to school or a death in the family can be stressful on a dog. Plenty of exercise: A vigorous walk or job every morning before you leave for the day can not only give your dog some extra time with you, but will also help tire him out. Exits and entrances are no big deal: If you act like leaving is no big deal, chances are your dog will think so too. There are many different reasons why a dog may have separation anxiety and things you can do about it.

It affects dogs of all ages and breeds and can cause serious distress and injury to your pooch.
This is because working pet parents want their dogs to have company while they are away from home. Some dogs are just anxious by nature (born with it), are taken away from their mothers too soon as others, or develop it because of a dramatic life event (being left by their family at a shelter). Dogs get to play with other pooches, get taken out for walks and some even provide field trips. Once you know your dog is comfortable with you being gone for short amounts of time, start stretching it out to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and so on.

This may be enough companionship and a much-needed break in the day that will tide your dog over until he gets to see you again. Along with a treat ball, leave lots of toys and activities for your dog to amuse himself with.

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