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Dog Harness - Dog Seat BeltWe’re pleased to introduce the newest version of the Ruff Rider Roadie Travel Restraint!The new, redesigned Roadie is specially designed, from the drawing board up, to be the best Canine Vehicle Restraint System – it is not a converted harness. One of the main reasons the Walk in Sync Harness is so effective at stopping the pulling habit is the position of the pressure placed at the chest.
The Walk In Sync™ Harness was designed as a training and walking tool to assist you in harnessing your dogs energy to unleash their greatest potential. A: click here for step by step instructions on how to properly put the step in harness on your dog.
A: A harness is a very temporary means of containment to be used only while walking or training your pet. A: Tie-Outs are meant to be a temporary form of containment and your pet should always remain supervised while on a tie-out. A: The carrier itself is approved for airline travel, however most airlines have specific requirements when traveling with their carrier.

Most of our customers love their Easy Walk Harness, but sometimes a little extra patience is required to get the most out of the harness.
If your dog is stepping out of, slipping out of, being chaffed or if the chest strap is loosening it can usually be helped by making sure the harness is fitted properly. The girth strap should be fairly tight (room for one finger) while the chest strap should fall naturally in the correct position and does not need to be tight.
Attach your leash to BOTH the chest ring of the harness AND the leash ring of a regular collar. If these tips don't help, you may either have the wrong size, or one of the few dogs who do not respond to the EWH. Remember to use the Easy Walk Harness only for walks, not for hiking or running or on a leash longer than 6 feet.
You should NEVER leave your pet in a harness longer than the duration of the walk or exercise time and you should NEVER use a harness with a tie out or run.

You can return your harness and you may want to consider the a head halter for strong dogs who do not respond to the EWH.
If that doesn't help, you can try lining the harness with something soft, like our StrapWraps or you can try using a padded no pull harness, such as the Freedom Harness or Halti Harness. You can email us a picture of your dog wearing the harness if you would like feedback on the fit.

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