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Petsafe will instantly, painlessly and effectively make leash walking more pleasant and safe for you and your dog! NO PULLING: Because it is not rear-attached (like a collar, choker, or old-fashioned harness), you don't trigger off your dog's natural "dog sled team" pulling instinct. THE ORIGINAL HARNESS: Durability and strength of Polypro webbing in your choice of colors.
SPORTSO DOGGO HARNESS: BE SEEN in high visibility neon colors or LOOK SHARP in luxurious Jewel Tones.
The elastic web and mesh that covers your dog's chest stretch and give with his natural movement.
Everything for Your Dog, FOR LESS!If You Don't See It On Our Site, Click or call (916)705-7425   We Beat "The Other Guys" Every Single Day! Measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the widest part of the chest (rib cage), a couple of inches behind the front legs.

We have tried 4 or so different products (even Halti and Gentle leader) and the pups were more determined than ever to keep pulling.
STOPS PULLING, NO CHOKE, EASY TO PUT ON, MADE IN THE USA COMFORTABLE ON THE DOG, CHAFE FREE, 3M REFLECTIVE WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE. If you are aren't happy with how your harness or other dog gear works, we'll make every attempt to resolve your issue or return the cost of the products to you. This allows maximum comfort for the dog, whilst giving the handler total control when walking. We have been selling this dog harness since 2006 and still it works with great results, when we are at shows, dog owners cannot believe how quickly it stops their dog from pulling. We at 4 active dogs sell products for those dogs with high energy levels and that need lots of activity. We supply fine quality gear for Active paws dog backpacks dog life jackets dog leads, collars and dog harnesses dog activity toys and we even sell dog travel accessories because for you a trip is not a trip without you dog.

We are constantly searching the world for the latest active dog products and aim to give our customers a great range of dog backpacks our stock of packs are suitable for every pet owner from the casual walker to extreme sports. Don't forget to also look at our great range of dog travel accessories and for those that have a hyperactive pet and are looking for advice, check out our active dog advice page for tips on calming a hyperactive dog.
Ruff Wear products builds performance dog gear to enhance outdoor adventures for dogs and humans.
We stock a range of gear to get you and your pet active, ruff wear webmaster harnesses, Julius K9 Power Harnesses, ruffwear leashes, Lifejackets, Ruffwear backpacks, led beacon and durable toys.

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