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You want your best friend to ride safe in the car, but you’re worried he will try to get out of his dog car harness. If your pet’s harness is too tight, there is no opportunity for the straps to absorb the inertia.
You want the harness to be snug, but you don’t want it so loose that your little pal flies out of it when you stop. 1) Although a shorter tether on the dog seat belt is safer, you have to consider your pet’s personality. For dogs that try to get out of their seat belt, consider one that allows them to sit, stand, or lay down.

Great advice Dawn, I was thinking along the same lines, you can’t just grab a harness and snap your dog into a car and have everything be perfect. During the next several walks, adjust the harness to what works best for both of you; looser around the body, tighter on the chest, maybe vice-versa. For some dogs, a tighter dog car harness might mean your pal tries harder to escape from it.
If the straps are a little loose (but not too loose) then there is that split-second moment where your dog’s body slides into the harness, giving it the opportunity to stretch and absorb the pressure. Have him wear a dog car harness that allows him to sit, lay down, or even stand so that he is more comfortable.

Do fun activities together while he is wearing his harness and he will learn to be comfortable in it.

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