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Constructed from the highest performance materials, the hands free leash attaches to a streamlined, very light-weight belt on a sliding snap buckle.
With its heavy duty construction, this leash is designed to take the shock out of those predictably unpredictable lunges, pulls and abrupt changes of direction. Iron Doggy makes hands free dog leashes that keep athletic dogs on the straight and narrow. This weekend when I took Philly running, she stayed true to her part-Australian Cattle dog roots and tried to chase down every squirrel and herd up the gaggles of geese at the park. I’ve seen a few dog owners using them at the park and I think something like this would be good for Philly. I don’t, but my friend Cindy does and she continues to recommend it to me to help cope with Tally’s out-of-control (also) Cattle dog tendencies! I have a magic leash that converts from a regular leash to a hands free one when I loop the end through and slip it over my head. I think a hands-free leash works well for dogs that are already trained, otherwise it is just another way to drag you down the street!

My Springer would not have been good on one at all… she needed a little reminder once in a while that I was leading the show!
This lets you adjust your dog's position without having to adjust the belt, and the side release buckle means you can easily release the belt with just one hand. I have small dogs and I would use it if I took them for a run but bigger dogs that could drag me around I wouldn’t!
My personal fear would be chugging along at a nice clip and then suddenly being pulled off in a dog’s pursuit of a squirrel. The ingenious device helps save you from yourself and helps form good habits, by placing in the container your worst vices such as food, smartphones, video games, tv remotes, cigarettes, toys and other items you want, but shouldn?t have! We deliberately built the Runner's Choice with bungee that has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds. While she’s a million times better than she was last year, she still has quite a few doggy mental issues. It’s almost as if she thinks the leash is chasing her so she tears off, trying to get away from the scary leash.

And at least if you fall, you won’t drop the leash and have to race to get Kaia back!
While we wish it weren't true, it can take 3 to 4 weeks for international shipments to arrive. Especially when she gets freaked out by the leash at dusk when Alex and I are camping in the mountains and she sleeps in the wilderness overnight alone.
But she ran up the trail, spent the night on the trail and we (very fortunately!) found her after about 10 minutes of hiking, right along the trail, hiding in some trees.

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