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Grasses and FernsSome grasses are ornamental and will make attractive additions for landscaping tortoise enclosures. Dog owners usually love having big yards where their pups can enjoy romping through the grass.
Before you can start trying to prevent urine damage to your lawn, it’s important to understand why dog pee burns the grass in the first place. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that it’s not always easy to keep your lawn green after Lassie does her business. In fact, there are several other factors beyond simply owning a dog that can make your grass more likely to be susceptible.
There are several steps you can take to address the problem and keep your grass green and healthy.
Options like rye or fescue grass are much less likely to burn than Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda grass.

Take action to combat urine burns, and you will likely find that keeping your grass green is easier than you might think.
Getting doused in dog urine can be a death sentence for your lawn, but there are actually several ways to prevent your pup from killing the grass.
Since dogs are carnivores, their urine should be slightly acidic, with a pH between 6 and 6.5. You will usually find that larger dogs tend to have more of an impact on your grass than small breeds–after all, they produce more urine.
You can also opt for a patch of clover or some other hearty greenery, and train your pup to do her business only in one dedicated area of the yard. Here is a look at why your dog’s pee is making the grass brown and a few ways you can stop the problem. Often, however, your pup’s diet can raise the pH of urine above 7, which makes it much more likely to damage grass.

Female dogs are often the worst offenders because they squat in one place to release all of their urine while males often mark everything they pass and rarely empty their whole bladder in one place.
By preventing the harmful components of urine from seeping into your grass, you can often ward off damage. If you use too much fertilizer, for instance, it can make your grass more prone to nitrogen overload, and a little dog pee could push it over the edge. By increasing urine output with more water, you will naturally decrease the concentration of nitrogen, making the pee less likely to kill your grass.

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