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Here are ten of the best dog collars on the market, and why they are a great choice for your dog.
Hemp is not only green and Earth friendly, but it is also a strong and durable fiber that is perfect for long-lasting dog collars.
While Fab Dog isn’t your only choice for matching collars and leashes, they do have some great looking designs. Waggo dog collars are made from recycled plastic bottles, so they are sturdy and eco-friendly. They always say to save the best for last, and although I am still partial to Lupine collars, Dublin Dog makes some great durable collars. Supply high quality consumer electronics from reliable Chinese factories directly,Every Week we have one item 50% Discount. We are a very young team, consist of more than 10 90's engergy boys and girls, Our team aim is " use our good service to supply newest and fashion applicalbe good quality products to world small shops and distributors" !
The collar is one of those things you must have if you’re going to own a dog, although what kind of collar you get really depends on the type, size and sometimes even the temperament of the dog.
The Good Dog Company has created some beautiful collars, in numerous collars, textures and designs.

OK, maybe leopard print isn’t right for every dog, but they do offer other designs, so you are sure to find something to your liking. Fab Dog has been around since 2002 working on making dogs look fabulous, with more than just collars. They even have holiday ones, like clovers, so your dog can dress in style every day of the year. They are a great option for those that take their dogs out for hikes and mountain climbing. The collars are equipped with quick release, so if your dog gets loose and gets snagged on a tree or fence the collar will come off so they don’t get hurt or trapped.
You can also order a monogrammed Waggo collar with your dog’s name on it, for something extra special.
These collars are 100% water proof and they are made to be extremely thin, comfortable, and durable. You can find them in bright colors for making your dog stand out, or simple and rugged choices for the dog that spends a lot of time hunting, swimming or just walking.
They come in a few different styles and collars, but all of them are as rugged as the next.

Your dog will look good sporting this Earth conscious collar that is built to last and not to harm.
There are collars with reflective colors and there are even specialty ones like that pictured above. You will still be able to find something that allows your girl dog to stand out from the boys with the collar pictured above.
All of their attention is put into making a nice looking, long lasting collar for your dog. This list, however, is strictly for your normal color, there are no choke collars (or worse) in this list,since they aren’t good for all breeds. Even if your dog chews it up, they’ll replace it for free, the dog collars and even their dog leashes. They come in various sizes, even small (not pictured above), so they are great for any breed of dog.

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