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While some leather options certainly fit with their need for durability and style, they simply didn’t offer an all-around versatility for their dogs who loved the water. Rather than settle on a product that fit some—but not all—of their requirements, Anne and Ivan began prototyping different collars for about a year before settling on the three products Dog + Bone offers today.
Martingale collars were initially designed for sighthounds because their necks are larger than their heads, meaning they can very easily slip out of regular buckle collars (which Dog + Bone also offers!). When they first started product development, their goal was to bring the same consistent and trusted quality to dog leashes and collars as top brands like Arc’teryx and Patagonia bring to their products for people. Just starting using Martingale collars on my young Cattle Dog to add a little more control for the days when she doesn’t have her harness on. I’ve been looking for a reasonable martingale collar, without gewgaws and patterns making my eyes cross. You can read the most in-depth reviews, ratings and feedbacks from people who have bought and used them. Like many excited dog owners, Ivan and Anne wanted to have the very best in terms of gear for their dogs, but couldn’t find a product that both aligned with their values and style, while also fitting their needs. Carefully, they developed products designed for dogs that go running, swimming, hiking and camping—activities that fit with their lifestyle, and ours too. With well-tested products they could proudly stand by, they launched Dog + Bone collars and leashes in mid-2014 and have enjoyed great reviews so far.
Recently, martingale collars have become more and more mainstream for the added control they offer without the choking effect of a slip collar.

With great colours that let you mix and match with the collars they offer (and maybe get a little crazy by just going with a third colour because, hey! Both collars and leashes are machine-washable—which, if you have a dog like Archer that is a puddle-seeking missile, is a good thing to have. Love the collars, and also the fact that they are machine washable – definitely a plus! We have real consumer reviews of different types of good dog collars, including dog collars reviews, memory supplies reviews and more. Dog + Bone is a new company that only recently brought their products to market, and they’ve had great success early on. They tighten when there is tension due to pulling, yes, but only to become more snug around the dog’s neck to prevent escape, and never to choke. What we loved most was that these colours, while stylish and beautiful, also served a purpose: they were like glow collars for the day time.
We’ve often been told she can easily be mistaken for a deer or bear because of her size and colouring, and for that reason we absolutely love these collars. Anne sews the collars and leashes with old 1920s–1940s industrial Singer sewing machines, so you can be sure every product they ship is made with care and checked to ensure the best quality. Comment below or on our Instagram and tell us which colour combination is your favourite from Dog + Bone’s line of Martingale collars!

My Terrier mix ( Phin ) loves to pull, and in the past has managed to slip out of his collar which has been terrifying since we live in the city. Favorite color combo is a hard choice but I like to keep my girls in pink collars :) Love that hot pink and purple! We have real consumer reviews of different types of good dog collar, including good dog reviews, good dog products reviews and more. We’re so excited to be able to share them with the community here at Good Dogs & Co, and as an added bonus, one lucky reader will get a martingale collar and leash combination for their pup! Recently, we were approached by the awesome team at Dog + Bone and asked to test-drive their martingale collars and leashes, and we instantly fell in love with their products.
Phin pretty much nails the description as to what kind of dog this leash and collar were built for.

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