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Alfie the Glen of Imaal Terrier sitting still for a momentNot sure if you,ll want this picture as  its not a pure bred but have to tell you about him! Glen of Imaal Terrier Breeders, Breed Clubs and Rescue Glen of Imaal Terrier The Glen of Imaal Terrier is named after the area in Wicklow where he originated, though he has not made the impression outside his native Ireland that the other Irish terrier breeds have managed. Alfie is a gorgeous glen of imaal x patterdale (his mum was a glen of imaal) and is the funniest, cutest and most fun loving dog I have had the pleasure of owning!

Until the beginning of the 19th century there wasn’t a great interest in breeding towards a particular type, and it is probable that terriers from Scotland and England were introduced to define a breed type. The Glen of Imaal presents an untrimmed appearance, with a rather rough looking coat and is blue, brindle and all shades of wheaten.

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