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Our German Shepherd puppies are all wormed, given the appropriate shots, and Vet checked before leaving to go to their new families.We also offer puppy foundation training in obedience and Shutzhund training, ring training and show support. For therapy or just exercise, swimming is great for german shepherds.Kai has been swimming to supplement his regular exercise at a terrific new place with an indoor, heated, resistence pool specifically designed for canine therapy and exercise. Get our FREE our “Top 10 German Shepherd Training Tips” eBook over on the right and scroll down for more information on adopting and training. German Shepherd’s are known to have a more aloof personality, but normally non-aggressive.

Dog and pet laws vary from state to state in the US. Use our free clickable map tool to find German Shepherds up for adoption and learn more about the different laws in your own state! Though a positive health anomaly is that Shepherds tend to show more resistance to some common infections transmuted by ticks and fleas than other dogs. Besides being a family pet, the German Shepherd’s most common occupation is being a police or military dog. We are a breeder of top, world-class quality German Shepherd puppies of West German bloodlines with impeccable Temperaments and type.

German Shepherds make great household pets with the right training and can be as sweet as any other breed.
It is not uncommon for our puppies to be housebroken by the time they leave our house.I have been actively showing and breeding since 1996, and have always had West German lines.

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