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After moving back to Germany as an older child I quickly realized the German shepherd was a large part of the countries lifestyle, not only as a police dog, but as a companion to many families.
During Roberts 23 year military career he was given the opportunity to return to Germany and of course, we took it! Vom Weiland German shepherd breeders have been producing top quality tan and black German shepherd puppies for sale from Czech bred German shepherd dogs imported from Slovakia since 2006.
We invite you to submit a deposit on a German shepherd puppy from any of our future litters.

If you do not get a puppy from the litter that you chose, your deposit will be refunded or you can choose to apply it to a future litter.Our tan and black German shepherd puppies for sale are raised in our home, and played with daily.
Our German shepherds are crate trained by 8 weeks of age, and have played with balls, tugs and other toys, starting at 4 weeks of age.
This heightens each German shepherd puppy's drive, willingness to learn and learning curve.Our German shepherd dogs are big boned, traditional, old style Czech German shepherds who will excel in Schutzhund, police duty or as excellent family pets to protect your home. Your German shepherd dog will be an asset to your family, providing you continue his training.As ethical German shepherd breeders we use only the best German shepherd stud dogs and german shepherd females we can acquire.

We use German shepherd dogs with great drive, extreme intelligence, working titles, and the best hips and elbows.
We feel confident in our German shepherd puppies for sale and give a comprehensive guarantee for our German shepherds' hips and elbows.

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