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When you're walking your dog either one of these training devices is often mistaken for a muzzle. The psychology behind these halter-like collars is that the reinforce behaviors that dogs use to show other dogs their dominance. In addition, many breeds like collies are sensitive and do not do well under harsh training techniques such as the traditional choking and jerking. Because of the head shape of collies, I find it is easy for them to slip our of either the Gentle Leader or the Halti-collar.
The Gentle Leader often comes with a plastic device to close the muzzle strap down and I find this is usually the first thing to weaken and break. Head collars such as the Halti and the Gentle Leader are designed to fit around the dog’s muzzle. Note: Thank you to Ty Brown of CommuniCanine for sharing these tips on why he does not recommend a Halti.

I get a lot of flak for this in the dog training community, but I am not a fan of the Halti, Gentle Leader and No-Pull Harnesses. However, if you're just training your dog to have good manners and particularly if you either have more than one dog or your dog is too strong, a Gentle Leader or a Halti Collar is a good training device. The pressure on the back of the head is similar to how an adult dog lifts and carries a young pup. The correct use of a choke chain doesn't really choke the dog and should really consist of sharp wrist actions to close and release the pressure.
For this reason, I prefer the halter-like headcollar without that piece, but with the narrow strip that attaches to the collar such as the Coastal Holt Walking Collar. Monji has adopted three rescue collies and volunteered for Southland Collie Rescue for over a decade. The pressure on the nose is similar to the action of an older or dominant dog gently biting on the muzzle to signal the other dog to stop barking or to settle down.

If, as I have seen some trainers suggest, you are actually jerking or lifting the dog off its feet you are using a choke chain in the wrong manner. You can reasonably walk three medium-sized dogs who are somewhat trained and keep them going in the same direction without tangling up the leads. Her current collie pack of two were adopted as puppies and she is learning how to show in confirmation.

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