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Tino has a natural ability to predict behaviors and create training methods that deliver results quickly and effectively. Obedience Training In addition to learning all voice and hand commands, all behavioral problems are corrected in 8 weeks. Protection TrainingAn increasingly popular training to help ensure & protect your family's safety.
Buy A Fully Trained Protection DogYou would like to receive a fully trained protection dog to your door.
We are conveniently located for private in home dog training in Evergreen, in addition to in home dog training in Denver, Conifer, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Greenwood Village, and much more!
Dog training can begin for puppies starting at 3 months old.  That can mean you could have a fully off leashed trained dog by 5 months old. After 35+ years of dog training, in addition to working with police departments, training dogs for professional athletes and celebrities, and endorsed by local animal shelters, we have the ability to transform your dog into a well mannered dog you will happily welcome into your home. Before attending dog training in Evergreen at Mountain Canine College, almost all of our dog owners have said what you might be thinking before they got started.

A well trained dog is not only a joy to live with but also enjoys more freedom, which results in a happier canine.
Dogs trained in Schutzhund dog training are basically performing the same tasks as a highly trained police K9. Puppy training, obedience training, problem behavior modification, & protection training. After those 8 weeks of training, we provide a guarantee of our training for the life of your dog. After a recent move to Evergreen from upstate New York, my two large mixed breed dogs began acting out in a very aggressive and rambunctious way.
I was bitten many times by dogs growing up and was not really excited about having a dog so I insisted that we get a puppy so I can learn to love him. It is also a known fact that dogs who have a strong leader are more relaxed and therefore happier. This can be achieved by teaching the dog a stress free replacement behavior, which results in a happier and much less stressful life for the dog.

This sport was developed in the late 19th century by a German Cavalry Captain, Max von Stephanitz, to determine the breeding quality of the German Shepherd Dog. Maybe you already know or have met a dog or VERY HAPPY dog owner who has completed our program and you want to experience that too! Not only did Paul help me train my dogs, but he did an excellent job channeling their energy in a much more constructive direction.
Our half mastiff half hound dog (Black Mouth Cur) had me wanting to return him after 2 weeks. Whether you have a difficult dog or not, if you hire Paul, you’re going to see results.

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