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This person is giving away unopened cans of Enfamil infant baby formula and Honest Company diapers free of charge. Here you go ladies and gentlemen; you can get free checkout counters that can be used in a store or an office building. Atlanta is a hotspot for free items, though most people tend to overlook what’s free because it’s typically imperfect.
While all the wood might not be in excellent condition, most of it looks pretty good and it’s free.

However, once you take a few minutes to look over the things that are on the free ads list, you might just find a little diamond in the rough.
This means you just got yourself a ton of free firewood, or wood to help you create that deck you’ve always wanted.
We spent the day perusing the free items section on Atlanta’s Craigslist and found a handful of items that you can’t get free anywhere else, and that can be given a little bit of love with very little financial contribution.
To buy something of this nature would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but someone on the Atlanta Craigslist site is giving them away free of charge.

And it’s a free hair cut and style, which could save a woman as much as $100 – if not more. Even if the landscaping isn’t the most elaborate, just a few free plants and shrubs is enough to significantly help you lower the cost of your own landscaping project.

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