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Dont forget to try our other virtual pet games, including My Talking Dog Virtual Pet, My Talking Kitty Cat, My Talking Pig Virtual Pet, Talking Monkey and others! Raise, feed, teach, clean, train, perform numerous tricks and play exciting mini games with your adorable little puppy. My pet monster, baby Gu, is so much more adorable than all the talking animals and virtual pets. DRESS UP your cute monster pet with countless combinations of outfit of your choice to give Gu the best look!

Play Flappy Gu, Mastermind, Tic Tac Toe, Jumping Gu, and 6 other mini games to see the joy of having fun with your new talking friend.
Forget about tomcat - Gu is round and flexible and can be transformed into any virtual pet you want.
Includes educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop your children’s counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills.My Virtual Pet focuses on making your child learn by playing.
Take care of your adorable, little Gu, play dress up games and mini games with it and enjoy having the cutest talking pet!

It includes educational mini games that develop childrens reflexes, coordination and motor skills. We’re Tapps and we develop the best, coolest and most fun casual games pou kids and adults.

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