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FOR-BID is a highly purified crystalline edible protein fraction which, when mixed with food and fed to dogs, curbs coprophagy (consumption of feces).
When eaten by your dog, FOR-BID goes through the gastrointestinal tract where the purified vegetable protein fraction and sodium glutamate are digested, ending up in the feces.
Sprinkle the contents of ½ packet on the dog food two times per day (morning and night), for 5-6 days. If coprophagy starts again after initial dosage; give 1 gram per day (from this 8 gram packet) for 2-3 weeks as necessary. For-bid's package label does not take the place of instructions from your pet's veterinarian.
If your dog is eating his own and your other dog's feces, then you should give the product to both dogs. Talk to your pet's veterinarian if you do not understand the information provided in this document or if you have any questions about For-bid anticoprophagic condiment for dogs.

When they start eating each others poo, I get some more of this and start putting it on their food and after about a week, they stop and I don't have to retreat them for several months.This works. After ingesting For-Bid, the ingredients will be in their stools and will make eating their stools less appeasing. Occasionally, dogs can go back to eating stool after stopping use and another dosage of For-Bid will need to be given. Worthless and very expensive waste of time.There are other products I've purchased from Pet Meds before that worked really well, but keep For-Bid off of your list. In small dogs or puppies, you may give one-quarter of a pack two times a day for four days (morning and night). The For-bid worked like a charm for the 10 days I had him on it, but within a week of stopping, he was back to the disgusting behavior. Just yesterday, I noticed the snacking had started again, so we started using the For-Bid again, as directed.

Found a product that is herb based and comes in chewable tablets that my dogs like.Stop that nasty habit.
It worked for my dog as long as he was on it, but per my vet it I was only able to have him on it for four days. So it seemed to work as a deterrent for one of the dogs but may have actually had the opposite effect for the other one. So, I tried again giving him more for a longer period of time, and he is still eating his feces.

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