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Retractable leashes might have their uses, but I feel I have legitimate reasons for opting out. When they returned to the house, my husband made a beeline to the trash can and threw away the leash.
Because they conveniently reel themselves back in, many people choose to get extra long retractable leashes.
Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone who uses a retractable leash should throw theirs in the trash. Where I live there are leash laws and laws that say your dog has to be on your property or leashed otherwise. I use a flexi webbing leash and I got my first slice across my hand and welts across my fingers because I wasn't paying attention at the park and a dog came around the corner and my dogs leash was unlocked.
My former neighbor's toddler was nearly garroted when the other neighbor's King Charles Cavalier wrapped the flexi leash around the child's neck. And both incidents could have happened as easily with a standard leash, both involve stupidity at fault, not the leash. It's impossible to keep them from owning dogs, and so I'd rather they have their dogs on a secure 6-foot leash that isn't retractable when I am anywhere near them. Sure choking could happen on a standard 5 or 6 ft leash, but flexi leashes have way more footage to get tangled up in, and are thinly corded. Exactly, While the leash may have some inherent dangers what is wrong is the dog is not under control retractable leash or not. Retractable leashes are dangerous and should never be used at a busy event.  If the dog starts running and somebody grabs the leash, a dangerous cut or worse a finger amputation could happen and it has, many times.

In 2007, there were 16,564 hospital-treated injuries associated with leashes according to Consumer Union’s analysis of statistics collected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The person holding the leash does not realize that they really do not have control over their dog; even if the leash is “locked”—the cord is in no way going to control the dog. In conclusion, if you are at a crowded event, please be responsible and use a regular 6’ leash made of nylon, leather, cloth or any other material where you can have complete control of your dog and leave the retractable at home. Undoubtedly, one of the great things about retractable leashes is that dogs can sniff, pee and explore more freely. Serious injuries, including amputations, have been reported in connection with retractable leashes. When I brought him to the vet, the worker there unfastened the leash at the puppy and the thing snapped up and hit me in the face. The ridiculousness of this statement exceeds the ridiculousness of using retractable leashes. A friend's daughter was walking her JRT on a flexi and, while she held the leash, the dog darted into the road and was struck and killed by a car. It does not matter what kind of leash someone is holding if they do not have the brainpower to operate it properly. He was about 9 years old and our neighbor was walking her big dog on a retractable leash and the dog saw him and got excited and ran around in circles around him and he ended up with what looks like lacerations all up and down the back of his thighs and calves. About halfway into the walk, my husband accidentally dropped the handle to Mayzie’s retractable leash.
Your dog can explore a good distance in front of you and you don’t have to worry about tripping over the leash.

While any type of leash has the potential to cause harm, grabbing a traditional nylon leash with one’s hands is far less likely to cause the same type of damage seen above. It could cause severe injuries, and if you ever did that and it had caused harm, you should be held accountable for your actions and fired as soon as possible. Leash Your Fitness is not liable nor responsible for the use of the information disclosed on this website. Any kind of lead or restraint must be used with intelligence and knowledge of the dog's nature. Get a grip, ANY leash can cause these types of injuries with an untrained, uncontrolled dog. I am afraid of encountering a dog on a retractable leash for the simple fear of it potentially injuring my dog with its leash.
However, they are not safe in an environment with kids, other dogs, other people or distractions where the leash can cause tripping, cutting or other serious injuries.
With a traditional 4- or 6-foot leash, it’s easy to pull your dog close and control the situation.
I hasn't realized how tangled I was starting to get and Jake bolted after a toy, his zip line leash wrapped around my legs, he continued pulling causing the cord to cut into both my legs.
I have knowledge of these through friends who work at vets' offices and those injuries include: tail injuries resulting in amputation, lacerations down to the bone, injuries to tendons, torn skin (think inner thighs from leashes going under dogs), eye injuries, burns to the skin, etc.

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