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Proponents of breed bans, such as Denver Assistant City Attorney Kory Nelson, instead argue that pit bulls are more dangerous because, when they do bite, the injuries they inflict are more serious. To underline their story, they had a long interview with a very stupid woman who breeds pit bulls for money.
But to ban the breed means that just being a pit bull would be illegal, a crime punishable by capital punishment.
If you are saying only that people should not be breeding dogs for profit while there are so many homeless dogs (especially pit bulls) being killed in shelters due to lack of homes, then I agree with you. This legislation has been pulled, after the legislator who introduced it was overwhelmed with complaints from pit bull guardians. Even though they dropped ban they are now proposing each owner that has a dog even resembling a pit bull will have to have an outrageous insurance policy which could cost an owner $1000.00 per dog. I’m so happy to report that after a very long fight with Pawtucket officials and the Animal Shelter, the ban on Pit Bulls no longer exists ! A five-year (2001–05) review of dog attack victims admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia determined that pit bull terriers were implicated in more than half of the bites where breed was identified. 78% of dog related fatalities are caused by Pitbulls, Rotweillers, Bull Mastiffs and terriers. I’m sorry that your sweet golden retriever was attacked, but not every single pit bull is like that one. According to the American Temperament Test Society, temperament evaluations of American Pit Bull Terriers shows that this breed has a very high passing rate of 82.6%.
I suspect your other categories are under-estimated, except for pit bulls which I HAVE SEEN ESTIMATED at about 5 million. Pit bulls are only about 6% of all dogs in America, but account for more than half of all fatal dog attacks. I think the idea that pitbulls, or dogs that would be identified as pitbulls in a media report, only comprise 6% of the dog population is silly.
This morning I woke up with my trusty Pitweiler Jose by my side, and he desperately wanted to go outside.
Pit-bull Rescue Central, the leading authority of pit bull types admits MOST pit-bull types are not safe around other dogs.
I appreciate that Pit bull Rescue Central, is telling pit-bull guardians not to take their dog to off-leash parks but many pit guardians are still very ignorant to this recommendation. Pit Bulls do not just turn and attack… If they were genetically inbred and you bought the dog from a criminal looking dude, then they might.
Dude, don’t you realize that by disseminating false information you could be giving someone considering pit bull ownership the green light. I have always defended pit bulls as anyone who has seen a pit bull puppy cannot possibly imagine that they would one day be capable of so much violence. Another poster seethed about seeing more unleashed pit bulls without muzzles in public places: "I used to only carry a weapon to kill pit bulls in cities, and now the situation is only getting worse. Their report found that the severity of pit bull bites -- 1 being a "bruising" and 5 being a "maul (serious bodily injury)" -- was about the same as bites from breeds such as Australian Cattle Dogs and Akitas, and below breeds such as American Bull Dogs, Dalmatians and Dachshunds.
Here's how their average number of reported dog bites stack up against Broomfield, Boulder and Lakewood, which don't outlaw pit bulls.
As this list reveals, out of nine reported dog attack fatalities in the state since 1980, pit bulls were responsible for two.For more information, read the Westword feature story on the pit bull ban, view photos from the city's "pit bull row" and check out a sidebar on how the City of Boulder is dealing with aggressive dogs without banning pit bulls.

If passed, it would mean that pit bulls would be killed, people caught with pit bulls could be punished, and pits would be outlawed.
However, there is still a bill being discussed that would require pit bull owners to carry liability insurance.
You will be surprised to learn that, in fact, your hysterical sky-is-falling fears regarding pit bulls are not actually based in reality at all. But it does show that the hysteria against pitbulls is alive and well in Oregon and we need to keep educating lawmakers and the public about the facts about pitbulls and the evidence that shows these bans don't work.
Because of the fact that the conformation standards of an American Pitbull terrier vary greatly depending on the specific bloodline, a pitbull can take many different forms than the ones most people see on the tshirts (which are usually American Stafforshire terriers. Controlled studies reveal no increased risk for the group blamed most often for dog bites, ‘pit bull-type’ dogs. The AKC reports this year that Rottweilers are 10th most popular breed in America, MORE popular than pit bulls.
The majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some degree of dog-on-dog aggression.
What is bewildering to me is that Pit Bull Rescue Central admits that other beloved dogs in the community are not safe around pit-bulls because of their genetic makeup but promotes them as a great family pet. Most pit-bulls types come primarily from unethical backyard breeders who are trying to breed aggression, not good temperaments.
My wife and I walk everyday and two, 2 year old Pit Bulls attacked both of us and put me in the hospital and a retired military dog handler helped us.
In fact, Washington county stopped automatically euthanizing pitbulls about 15 years ago because they could not justify it based on their dog bite statistics.
This creates a situation where any dog that has some similarity to a pitbull automatically becomes a pitbull.
I have now had two people that have had to give up their pitbulls because of these outrageous accusations. The law was applied retroactively, so pitt bulls already in the city & county were NOT grandfathered in.
Often, their dogs are the product of reject pits purchased from dog fighters as cheap stock. Pit Bulls are beautiful and can be loving dogs for years and one day, something happens and they turn and attack.
The answer would be hardly ever, the media is about 10 times more likely to report anything a pitbull does wrong, than report the wrongs of other breeds.
Considering the crazy number of pitbulls in this country, they don’t attack very often ,at all.
Peace, Love, and Golden Retrievers!" Despite the fact that the article states very clearly that police listed the dog "as a mastiff or German shepherd mix," several other comments also mention pit bulls in reference to the attack.Such assumptions aren't surprising.
There are WAY too many animals in shelters right now because of overpopulation, and a great majority of homeless dogs are pit bulls.
You should never assume that any dog you do not know is friendly, and you should certainly not feel safer just because that strange dog is a lab or a pointer or some other breed besides a pit bull. That pit bull was more than likely abused, or used to fight, something that taught it to behave aggressively. So with the pool of pit bulls we have, you cannot tell the difference between a cold one and one that might snap.

I own a pit that was abused and neglected and I have had him for four years with the proper treatment he has no aggression at all.
They also like to attribute wrongs done by any dog that even looks like their could be any pitbull in it, to the pitbull breed. I’m sure that the average human is far more likely to be assaulted by another human, than by a pitbull in their lifetime. People often use "pit bull" as a synonym for any dog that is hyper-aggressive and dangerous.
Anyone who believes that they will be safer if pit bulls are banned is just ignorant of the facts, and of history.
The bite pressure of a German Shepherd, an American Pit Bull Terrier, and a Rottweiler were tested. Pit Bulls are extraordinarily misunderstood creatures that deserve a fair chance in the world right along with everyone else. In hopes of preventing severe dog attacks, Denver has maintained a controversial twenty-year prohibition on any dog that appears to be more than 50 percent pit bull. But more often than not, if you have a manbiter, it is not a well bred American pitbull terrier and might not even be a full blooded pitbull.
I hear of all kinds of dog attacks on children and when it happens it was just bad luck, until a pit bull does it, then the pitch forks come out. If you recall I did say Pit Bulls have the capability to be dangerous, as do many animals and tasks in the world. In this week's story examining how Denver's pit bull ban has performed over the years, Westword intern Kiernan Maletsky and I spent several months collecting dog bite statistics from Denver and several other metro-area cities with and without breed bans. I would rather educate people about the truth around oppressed pit bulls without making them feel stupid for having those concerns. I would never let my dogs do that, because I have enough respect for you to understand that you don't want to have a strange dog you don't know running up at you, perhaps even particularly not a pit bull, given what you may have heard. And if you bothered to check many of the fatal attacks are from wild Pit Bulls packs in cities where they’re bred, multiplied and are homeless. Pits are wonderful dogs apparently you are well known if you know everyone that owns a pit is irresponsible. American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pitbull both are in the mid 80′s range as far a testing percentage.
The truth is, I used to think pit bulls were what the media said about them too, so I do understand your fears.
Thanks for your sympathy J.L for the pits being put down even though your dog was attacked sorry to hear that. I am sure if your stupid ass would do the research you would know the facts on this page are true.
I own a pit and he is a big baby, loves everybody and anyone can do anything to him and even reach for his food now that I have retrained him.

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