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The earthquake was of alarming  magnitude of 7.9 on Richter scale, was 15 kilometers deep, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Restoring the destruction have to deal with adverse weather., that could disrupt helicopters and planes trying to fly into the area and provide aid. The other most incurable architectural loss was the nine-story Dharahara Tower built in 1832 on the orders of the queen.
India’s rescue operation in quake-hit Nepal named as Operation Maitri by Indian Army .This operation will involve number of Indian military aircraft and choppers along with bus services through road route. 1000 trained personnel of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) will also take part in this operation. A massive earthquake killed more than 3,700 people Saturday as it tore through large parts of Nepal, toppling office blocks and towers in Kathmandu and triggering a deadly avalanche at Everest base camp. Photo: Indian bystanders int he city of Siliguri look at a collapsed house following the Nepal earthquake. Emergency workers fanned out across the Himalayan nation to rescue those trapped under collapsed homes, buildings and other debris.
AFP Nepal bureau chief Ammu Kannampilly, on an assignment to Everest together with a colleague, was among those caught up in the chaos. Kathmandu was severely damaged, and the historic nine-storey Dharahara tower, a major tourist attraction, was among buildings brought down. At least 42 people were known to have died in India, including 30 in the eastern state of Bihar, while buildings in the capital New Delhi had to be evacuated.
Kari Cuelenaere, an official at the Dutch embassy, said the impact had swept the water out of a swimming pool at a Kathmandu hotel where Dutch national day was being celebrated. A spokesman for Nepal's home ministry said the government had released around $500 million as emergency funds for rescue operations. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message of condolences to his Nepalese counterpart Ram Baran Yadav and offered to provide assistance.
Photo: A collapsed building is seen after an earthquake in Durbar square in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. The center, attached to the Nepalese capital’s Bir Hospital, is swarming with overworked medics, aid officials and volunteers following Saturday’s monster 7.8-magnitude quake that has killed more than 6,200 people. In the immediate hours after the disaster, some 2,000 people seeking treatment descended on the centre, which has only 150 beds.
The site Charity Navigator lists seven vetted relief groups that are assisting in aid and recovery efforts.
A Powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook Kathmandu, leaving thousands dead, collapsing buildings, leveling centuries-old temples and destroying roads in the worst shake in Nepal for more than 80 years. More than 4,000 people are believed to have died and the final death toll could rise still higher.

Eighteen climbers were found dead on Mount Everest after the tremor triggered an avalanche. Several buildings collapsed in the center of the capital, the ancient Old Kathmandu, including centuries-old temples and towers, said resident Prachanda Sual. The country’s deputy prime minister, Bamdev Gautam, has declared a state of emergency and appealed for humanitarian assistance across the region. A huge earthquake devastated Kathmandu in 1934, and Nepal was hit by a deadly quake in 2011, when at least five people died. The Kathmandu valley is densely populated with nearly 2.5 million people, with the quality of buildings often poor. The total death toll rose quickly throughout the day in the aftermath of the shock to include at least 634 in the Kathmandu Valley and 300 more in the capital. The energy released by the earthquake in Nepal was 504.4 times the energy sent out by the Hiroshima atomic blast in 1945. Thousands of blankets, tons of food and water, tents, grid engineering teams, doctors and nurses, and other relief materials have been flown in to Nepal so far.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has donated his one month salary to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for those affected by the Nepal earthquake.
The Lowest known point on earth is called Challenger deep and is located in the pacific ocean near.. Since the launch of operation more than 1000 Indian citizens have been safely flown from Nepal. But the final toll from the 7.8 magnitude quake could be much higher, and dozens more people were reported killed in neighboring India and China. Offers of help poured in from governments around the world, with the United States and the European Union announcing they were sending in disaster response teams. Officials said 10 people were killed when an avalanche buried parts of Mount Everest's base camp in Nepal where hundreds of mountaineers have gathered at the start of the annual climbing season. At least a dozen bodies were taken away from the ruins of the 19th-century tower, according to an AFP photographer who saw similar scenes of multiple casualties throughout the city.
The United States Geological Survey said the shallow quake struck 77 kilometers (48 miles) northwest of Kathmandu at 0611 GMT, with walls crumbling and families racing outside their homes.
India dispatched two military transport planes to help with the rescue and relief efforts and there were similar offers from around the region, including Sri Lanka and Pakistan. China's official Xinhua news agency said that 13 people, including an 83-year-old woman, were killed in the Tibet region. Friday — A 7.8-magnitude quake struck Nepal on Saturday April 25, 2015, flattening large parts of the capital Kathmandu and causing devastation across the impoverished Himalayan nation. The Nepal Red Cross Society said it had almost exhausted its relief stocks which were sufficient for 19,000 families.

Friday — At Nepal‘s crowded National Trauma Center, overwhelmed doctors make split-second life or death decisions, arranging earthquake victims into order of priority and trying where possible to avoid amputations. The situation has improved a little but now we’re facing an influx of casualties arriving from the mountains and districts far from the capital,” the doctor added. The trembler struck about 50 miles from Kathmandu and there have been at least 13 aftershocks of a magnitude of at least 4.5.
Many people have been displaced from their homes, with very little hope of immediate relief and replacement. Initial search and rescue operations have led to the retrieval of thousands of bodies so far. But another interesting observation reveals that the city of Kathmandu may have shifted by as much as 10 feet after the quake. The Red Cross (IFRC) said it was concerned about the fate of rural villages close to the epicenter of the quake northwest of the capital Kathmandu.
I don't know where my friends are," Dharmu Subedi, 36, who was standing outside the tower when it collapsed, said from a hospital bed. The quake tore through the middle of highways in the capital and also caused damage to the country's only international airport which was briefly closed. Nepal and the rest of the Himalayas are particularly prone to earthquakes because of the collision of the Indian and Eurasia plates. The area has a history of earthquakes, with a 6.8 magnitude quake that hit eastern Nepal in August 1988 killing 721 people. To find out how you can help the victims, scroll to the bottom of the story for links to rescue groups. Helicopters were still trying to rescue up to 150 people trapped on the mountain on Monday.
The IAF has deployed helicopters, aircrafts, and medical teams to speed up relief and rescue operations in the region.
If you choose not to receive email from us, you can use the unsubscribe link in the email, and we will happily remove your address from our email list. The thrust of the India plate beneath Eurasia generates a large amount of seismic activity, the USGS says on its website. The massive earthquake which rocked Nepal last week, has left the country and its countrymen in a state of shock.
A lot has happened since then and here’s a look at some important facts and numbers revolving around the heart wrenching tragedy in Nepal.

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