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Confident, courageous, and smart, shepherds are people dogs that do well with other pets but can have a prey drive that isn’t ideal for cats or small dogs.
Energetic and sporty, Goldens are intelligent, friendly, and devoted companions that work hard to succeed at any job or task they’re given. Lively, curious, and sweet-as-can-be, Beagles are easygoing companions that enjoy the company of other dogs and do great with children.
Active, friendly, and outgoing, Labs tend to play well with other dogs and have a consistent temperament.

Easy to train, gentle, and playful, Goldens are great with people, including children, and require regular grooming to maintain their coat’s health and luster. Independent to a fault, these free thinkers can be stubborn to train but aren’t needy the way other breeds can be. They require minimal grooming and it’s recommended to crate train them, especially during potty training. Curious and active, Beagles should be kept on leash in open spaces since their sense of smell can quite literally lead them into dangerous situations.

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