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Depending on the Pit Bull’s appearance and what type of bulldog was the other parent, the appearance of the mix dog will vary.
American bulldog mixes will have a slightly longer nose and leaner head, whereas English bulldog mixes may have a flatter muzzle and square head. American bulldog mixes may be taller than English bulldog mixes which tend to have much shorter legs. American bulldog mixes tend to be leaner, whereas English bulldog mixes may be more stout, like small barrels.

A Bulldog Pit Bull mix may be quite hardy, but with any mix, you may see the breed-prone illnesses.
My english pit bull mix all of sudden within 12 hours started showing signs of weight lose & his spin sticking up and it hurting him so I gave him some pain med and some vet link mentioned but he still had an appetit it looked like he quiz getting better then I went 2 look for him in his dog house he quiz not there he went w the back of the yard by himself and I notice he couldn't walk he quiz dragging his back legs. The Pit Bull bulldog hybrid will more than likely be quite intelligent, loyal, protective, and hard-working. It’s really a toss-up, and unless you know that the dog is truly a mix of both breeds, it can be hard to determine the exact mix upon appearance alone.

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