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Our English Bulldog females all have a sweet and loving temperament and superior conformation. WERE ALSO PHOTOGRAPHED AT OUR HOME) ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPY PICTURES & ENGLISH BULLDOG PICTURES ENGLISH BULLDOG PICTURES below: ENJOY!
The English Bulldog can display dominating behavior and requires a firm handler to show him his place.
The English Bulldog doesn't require much exercise but would do well with a short walk occasionally.
RED DRAGON KENNELSMember Since: December 2010Location: Seoul, KoreaI have English Bulldog puppies for sale! Commonly known as the English bulldog, the Bulldog is a medium-sized breed originating from the British Isles. The Bulldog has a muscular, strong body, which is low to the ground with short legs and a large head.

We have many beautiful English Bulldog pictures & English Bulldog puppies pictures for you to enjoy. Great for a loving family, the English Bulldog gives a lot of love and attention, and expects it in return. Here the bulldog was set upon the bull to attack it by biting the bull’s snout and not letting go. The bulldog was specifically trained for this sport and was renowned for its high tolerance to pain and fierceness. Many bulldogs are unable to swim, a consideration for pet owners exercising their pets near water. Other types of Bulldog breeds include the American, French and Australian bulldog.  The term Bulldog often refers to the English or British bulldog which is considered a mascot of England, due to its tenacious quality. The Bulldog is incredibly loyal to its family, preferring to stay close to family members and is one of the most popular family pets.

As for traveling, the English Bulldog is a companion animal, which means that they enjoy being with their owners. Make sure all shots are up to date and have a vet handy where ever you go.AnonymousIf you live a busy lifestyle, an English Bulldog puppy would not suit.
They are very affectionate and loving puppies who need attention not to mention getting out on the very destructive side when left alone for long periods of time due to boredom.AnonymousEnglish bulldogs are awesome travel companions but are the kind of dogs that love to be with you.

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