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In my opinion the remote collar is the most effective dog training tool that has been developed in the past 100 years.
Without a doubt our low level stimulation training is 100 times more humane and more effective than using "CHOKE COLLAR or PRONG COLLAR." In fact our remote collar training program eliminates the need for these other training tools. With all this said, unfortunately the electric collars are the most misused, abused and misunderstood dog training tool every developed. This DVD is 2 hours 45 minutes and teaches pet owners how to safely and effectively train their dogs with low level stimulation from a remote trainer. Until now there has never been a training DVD that makes sense which teaches pet owners the concepts of remote collar training.
When used properly, remote collars are one of the most humane training tools available to dog trainers.
25 years ago, trainers were told to put a collar on a dog and make it wear the collar for two weeks before using it.
Our DVD explains in detail how to condition your dog to a collar so that the act of putting the remote collar on the dogs neck does not become the trigger for the dog to think "OK the remote collar is on so NOW I MUST MIND." Our goal is to teach our dogs to follow a voice command all time and not just when it has it's remote collar on.
In my opinion this is backward training and does nothing to improve the bond between handler and dog.
To be an effective trainer you have to figure out the correct level of stimulation to use on your dog. The vast majority of my work with remote collars is done with the "NICK BUTTON" (VS the continuous stimulation button).
In this section I chose a strong dominant adult male dog that has had been protection trained. By the end of the first training session he was consistently releasing the toys when told to do so and doing it in a manner that did not produce a conflict with the handler. While very few people have dogs that are this dominant, everyone can learn something from the correct way to train them. Small people often have real problems with big dogs that pull on the leash - even if the dog wears a prong collar.
Not many things are more annoying to pet owners out for a walk than having their dog acting like a "butt head" and barking like crazy when they see other dogs. There are a number of ways to stop a dog from jumping up: pinching the dogs toes, stepping on the back feet, a knee to the dogs chest, a loud scream etc, etc, etc.
None of these work as well as "low level stimulation with a remote collar" Jumping up is cured on day one when done properly. A point to mention here is that if a novice trainer uses does not have the correct training this work can make a dog aggressive. I explain the safety concerns in how to approach dog aggression and how this training is different from normal obedience training. If you have a dog aggressive dog there is a protocol to follow to insure your safety and the safety of others when working with a electric collar. Everyone that trains with a remote collar is going to run into problems at some point in their training. My father used to say "the sign of a good carpenter was one who knew how to fix this mistakes." The same saying applies to dog trainers.
Remote collars are often used as a last resort to correct problems that come up in conventional obedience training.
Comment: I am absolutely appalled at your aggressive dog portion of the video and how your solution is to turn the collar up to the highest level it goes.
With this said that DVD shows how to correct this problem with prong and dominant dog collars. I recommend that you visit my web site and read a training article I recently wrote titled The Theory of Corrections in Dog Training.
The reason I wrote this article was to help people understand how to motivate their dogs in training.
I would say that you should do this before you worry about adding a remote collar to the work.

With this said I will never train a dog again without using a remote collar and LOW LEVEL stimulation.
I also recommend that you visit my web site and read a training article I recently wrote titled THE THEORY OF CORRECTIONS IN DOG TRAINING.
I’ve never used an electric collar for any training, but after reading your articles and Q&A I purchased your video to learn more about it. This system allows you to take control of your dog's behavior problem immediately or train your dog in a smart way. The collar works well as long as you keep up on the batteries.The shock is not very strong just enought to get the dogs attention whitch is good.
I was seriously afraid of using an electric collar on my dog because I've been afraid I would hurt or scare my dog and ruin him. I'm now doing the collar conditioning phase with my dog, and will move on to actual use in a few weeks.
The levels of stimulation used in our training program are often times not even felt by many humans.
The electric collar DVDs that manufacturer ship with their remote collars videos are useless. The theory was that the dog would become conditioned to the collar by wearing it all the time. Proper conditioning and introducing the remote collar the correct way goes a long way towards accomplishing this.
I explain the different methods various trainers use and then tell you why the methods I am offering are the best I have seen in almost 30 years of remote collar training. The training methods in this DVD teach a dog that the stimulation from an remote collar comes from the owner. When you learn how to condition or desensitize the dog to the collar you are a long way down the road to success. There are only 2 places in this DVD where I use the "CONTINUOUS BUTTON." While there are extreme cases where the highest level of stimulation is warranted, I never use the "high" setting to stimulate the dog in this DVD.
Dogs often go through obedience classes and be 100% leash trained yet the instant the leash comes off and they see something of interest they blow off the handler when he calls. It's an easy effective and humane way to train a dog to relax and be calm while taking a walk. Using a remote trainer at the wrong time or in the wrong scenario on a dog aggressive dog is dangerous. First of all you do not address the fact that different collars, different models have different levels of what the highest level is.
Now I am not a fan of this trainer, I believe strong corrections can and should be used at certain times with certain dogs. I'm sold on your training methods, never having trained any dog before- till this one happened I was a total cat person (she gets along well with our house cats).
There is a big section in this DVD on exactly what you are talking about with dogs fence fighting. I am not trying to push products – but my guess is you need both of these DVD’s and a remote collar.
I don’t get in a hurry but with this said I get my young dogs accustomed to wearing the collar and determining what level of training to use. I have a small-medium sized dog and I had a problem with him jumping and barking, within a week of getting the training collar I was able to break him of the habits. I will show you how to determine the level of stimulation fits your dogs temperament with the collar that you have chosen to train with.
We will show how to train using very very low levels of stimulation (using the nick button) found on almost all remote collars. I don't accept sponsors for my training DVDs so the information in my videos is based on experience and not any loyalty to a company paying for commercials.
All too often the prong collar correction over stimulates the dog which results in their dog becoming more aggressive not less aggressive.

Rather than make the dog less aggressive incorrect use of the remote collar can trigger a dog fight. By the way – just because your dog is submissive does not mean it would not need a remote collar for this dog aggression issue. I am not a fan of “force training” (although I most definitely believe that every dog needs to go through a correction phase).
My pup is 6 months and I have not used any corrections for his basic obedience yet, but we I will soon start using my prong collar.
I've been using an electric collar now for about 6 months, and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my dog when he's off leash.
I compare these levels of stimulation to lightly patting your dog on the shoulder with your hand. They would bush the button on the electric collar and stimulate a dog while giving a command.
It takes knowledge to figure out how to give the right level of correction while maintaining the dog's spirit and temperament.
I go through the step by step protocol on how to teach a dog to come when called even in the face of distractions. We start puppies as young as 16 to 20 weeks of age with low level training and this work never stops. You need to start on level 1 and tap it once and watch your dog's movement every time you dial up another level. I'm looking forward to using the remote collar, and may post another review later, after I've had some actual experience.
I worked with her using your training video - she is very submissive, was very easy to house train, sits, stays, heels, all in all a wonderful dog, very obedient to our commands. These levels are so low that the average person may not even feel if the collar was placed on their arm. I have a dual remote and the info I learned from RC Training for the pet owner has proved to be right on.
My secretary (Caya) gets dragged to the ground while I can handle the dog without a problem.
But there is only one thing bothering me, she's barking to other dogs if the dog get in 15 feet around her, always. This means don't wait until the week before you want to do collar training to start to study it. I took her on our normal walk route, and we found a pair of dogs had moved in behind a short picket fence.
I tried to stop her by saying "NO" firmly and loudly, also, tried prong collar as the way in your DVD.
Have a glass of wine when the TV is not on and see how you can break the problem down into training steps. The E-collar like the video explained, your dog will know he has it on after a week of using it and will obey without any correction.
I assure you if you were my trainer and you EVER did that to my dog two people would have to have ME on a leash in order to prevent ME from killing you. She is very well mannered around other dogs, usually just sits at my side if I talk to their owners. I want one not only to control her barking problem, but also for her future professional training such as Schutzhund. It takes years to have your dog trained with an E-collar and you're done as long as you do things the correct way.
I would start slow if you never trained and buy the training videos on this site and if you have questions, the personal here is great and you will get any question answered.

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