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When I am not writing Examiner articles or training dogs for my private clients, I am developing dog training videos. It is important that your dog understands that if the leash is tight he should walk the other direction, or "walk away".
Jeff MillmanDog Training ExaminerJeff Millman, owner of a thriving dog training business in Chicago, knows how to train dogs. He points out that taking a dog and placing it in a domestic home is an artificial environment for a dog but that they can be taught to cope with it happily.

Access to the whole video library at any time, that's over 300 videos and over 40 hours of footage! In this video, PC Paul Rogers from Cambridgeshire Police explains the role of police dogs and some of the fantastic work their sniffer dogs and tracking dogs do.
PC Paul Rogers explains what types of dogs are used in the UK police force, the type of training they do and where the dogs come from. This is one of the basic principles needed to work on leash walking so your dog doesn't pull.

Roger Abrantes explains why dog training classes are essential for young pups and how to choose a good dog trainer.
PC Paul tells how some of the dogs they have are abandoned rescue dogs that go on to have a fantastic life, living with a policeman and working as a police dog.

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