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Dog Leash by Art Lebedev Studio: This unusual retractable dog leash is a design concept by Art Lebedev Studio. Dog Leash Dumbbells: This innovative set of 2 lb dumbbells features retractable 16' leash on one dumbbell while the other dumbbell features a zippered nylon pouch that holds 15 plastic bags (included), treats, or small toys.
Dog Leash Belt: The Leash Belt features a comfortable, 2 inch wide belt strap that spreads your dog's pulling force around your waist - right at your center of gravity. Paww Secretagent Leash: The Paww Secretagent Leash features a quick-tether clip that allows you to tie your pooch up without letting down the leash. Power-Generating Dog Leash: This leash features an array of three lights for night walks which are powered by the coil and recoil of the leash.
Leash Plus: Leash Plus is stylish and practical and features a popup water bowl, storage bin for food or treats, baggie receptacle, flashlight, clock with day and time and locking button for the 16 foot retractable leash.

Walking your dog can be a great way for you and your pup to get some exercise, as well as spend quality time together.
The Granite Gear Absorber Leash absorbs the shock each time your dog jerks forward, making each walk easier on your arm. Other dog walkers will take notice of this leash… if you can keep your dog from eating it that is. Walking one excitable dog can be difficult, but walking two excitable dogs can be just about impossible.
It also features a durable reflective material along the leash to improve nighttime visibility.
If your dog hates going for walks in foul weather, the Dog Umbrella will keep them dry and happy.

As your dog pulls on the leash, it generates power to charge a LED flashlight to brighten up your evening walk. The Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash can make the job a little easier by keeping your dogs from tangling their leashes. Whether you and your dog enjoy pleasant walks together, or Fido drags you down the street behind him, these leashes are sure to make you drool. Just get the Lunabrite Dog Leash, and tell people that Rover had a bit part in Tron Evolution!

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