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The stretch action eliminates the sharp bone-jarring jerks associated with non-flexible leads.
Make walking multiple, powerful dogs easier on your joints and back with a sturdy coupler built to handle strong pulling. I’ll be driving along or out walking my dog, and across the street, any street, I see it. Our black labs love it and my husband thinks it is the perfect way to walk both dogs together.

It thankfully enables my arms and hands much less shock when my dog spots a rabbit or chipmunk and his hunting instinct kicks in. The free-wheeling swivels in the leash clips reduce twists and tangles, and the Dynamicord stretch-rope construction makes walking a game of stretch-and-rebound. The idea is to make it easier on the leash handler (that’s you), and keep the dogs organized and walking together.
It’s not like adding a double dog coupler is tethering the dogs together, they each still have plenty of space.

The *click* is where you clasp the leash to the coupler and the coupler to each dog’s collar. The coupler leashes are available in lots of colors to complement your dog’s existing leash or ensemble.

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