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Another that gives me the creepy crawlies is “Rexy Baby Rides the Dog” where we have a baby, obviously, riding a Boxer, which is a problem in itself.
A wagging tail is not always a sign for happiness, and while there is no doubt that both of these dogs are remarkably patient with the children in the videos, there is also no doubt that this same scenario is played out in the majority of more than 2 million cases of children being bitten by dogs in the U.S. Dogs of all breeds have a limit and it just isn’t fair to expect them to ignore the boundaries that they are trying to set for little ones in our homes.

Baby” is one video where a dog displays several warning signs of a potential bite (thankfully, no one was hurt). I’m talking about the videos where a baby, toddler, or child is interacting with a dog in an unsafe manner and, in spite of the clear inappropriateness of the situation, and the dogs many clear demonstrations of stress, an off-camera adult is holding the camera and chuckling.
Baby,” we have nearly two minutes of giggling, oblivious parents, one baby in danger and a Pug who has no way of understanding why this small, hairless creature is not heeding his warnings.

The pug starts off with a stress yawn, following that with a wide “whale eye,” pawing, a lip curl, hackles up, lunges, and a growl.

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