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But I decided to call the Gaumont executive, Francois Fries, who was listed on the form, to ask if Gaumont had rejected the film based on a reader’s report.
RSPCA Australia collects your personal information in order to achieve our animal welfare and related purposes. Without your information, we may not be able to provide you with the requested services or products, or with information about campaigns, activities, products and services that you may be interested in. We may disclose your information to state and territory RSPCA organisations which are members of RSPCA Australia, and those organisations will use your information in accordance with their privacy policies.
For more details see our Privacy Policy which includes information about how to access and correct your personal information, and also how to complain if you think we have breached your privacy. If you have witnessed animal cruelty, including neglect or abandonment, you should report it via phone or online form to the RSPCA Inspectorate team in the state or territory it took place.

Then sign up for our free newsletter and never miss another week of Thanking Dogs for all that they do. Keep in mind that dogfighting involves any dogs that are made to fight each other for money. Fries became flustered and said that he hadn’t seen the report - that he’d simply thought the project couldn’t be for Gaumont because it was in English - so he offered me a job on the spot to make up for the gaffe, while he tried to push the project to the next level. There is a great misconception that dogfighting only pertains to pit bulls but it applies to all dogs. He prefaced the reading by saying that the negative comments in the report were the reasons why the firm had rejected my script.
In some cases we use third parties to manage our data collection and storage, some of who may store information overseas.

The Humane Society  Of The United States is offering rewards for people willing to report crimes against animals. After asking me the name of the screenplay, which he never seemed to have heard of, Francois found the following report and started reading it in a fast mumble – hardly listening to himself as he raced through to get me off the phone.

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