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To Induce Vomiting – This theory is a golden oldie, but not one that probably deserves much credence. So, the take home is that grass eating may serve a purpose, have an underlying cause, or just be a thing some dogs do! The important thing is to make sure that the grass they’re munching has not been treated with any toxic substances. Drinking excessive water (in the absence of a medical reason), eating grass, pacing, and many other behaviors can be a way for dogs to expend nervous energy or stimulate themselves.

Most grass eating does not occur in ill animals, and dogs do not have the cognitive ability to ingest grass in order to consciously induce vomiting or even soothe their stomachs. If ancient dogs had worms that made them feel sick, the instinctto eat grass to help pass the worms could have been linked to the feelings of sickness. In one survey of hundreds of owners with grass-grazing canines, most dogs (82-92%) did not regularly vomit after ingesting grass.
Most dogs now are on monthly heartworm preventatives that also prevent common GI parasites.

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