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Protect your favorite Disney Channel characters from getting spooked in this classic arcade game!
Adopt a puppy and get tips from Stan the Dog as you care for 10 new breeds by playing, feeding, and grooming them, and watch them grow and thrive! If you're a pet lover, looking for a more realistic pet simulation game on Facebook (that is, as opposed to something altogether cartoon-y like Pet Society), you might be interested in Rivet Games' Pet Tales on Facebook. The overall goal of Pet Tales is to restore an old, abandoned park so that more cute and fluffy animals will be drawn in to play with you. As you play the game, your pet's confidence level will increase in a meter totally separate from your experience points.
While Pet Tales may only have the most basic of elements when it comes to decorating your park, the interactive elements with your cats and dogs are incredibly endearing.

This particular game looks to be, in part, inspired by the likes of the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs, as you'll adopt realistic dogs and cats and interact with them in a variety of ways.
You'll get to choose just one pet to start your game - either a dog or cat - and can then begin the park's restoration process via a quest system (more pets are available for the game's premium currency). For example, in my game I chose a cat as my starting pet, and was quickly greeted by two dogs and another cat as I completed the game's first two quests. There, you'll see a zoomed in, animated view of your pet, as you can complete three different tasks: feeding them, giving them water, or playing with them.
With a high enough confidence level, your pet can go on Play Dates with your friends' pets, which not only raises the friendship level between the two pets, but also rewards you with extra experience points and coins for doing so.
The realism here is something that's not overly abundant on Facebook, so if you'd like join the 800,000 users currently playing Pet Tales, I'd suggest you go right ahead.

In this nice and addictive game you've to help Maxim to ride his skateboard along the seaside and collect as many bones as possible. This includes interacting with other animals, which rewards you with even more experience points or collection items for the game's collection system. It should be noted that some of these items require extra "building" once placed on your land (that is, requires you to ask your friends to send you building ingredients to finish that particular item), which has become an all too familiar feature in any game even resembling a city-builder.
One of the game's more interesting social features even sees your friends' animals automatically appearing in your park, allowing for more interaction and for your two animals to become friends.

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