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In Palding, Ohio (at the corner of absolutely nowhere), it is legal for police officers to bite a dog to quiet it. Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify specific dogs. The holidays are especially stressful for dogs due to changes in routine and the comings and going of visitors. Assign one adult to be in charge of the dog, to watch for signs of stress and protect from unwanted attention from children.
If you have multiple dogs, consider kenneling them, crating them or keeping them in another room during large gatherings.

There are many different species of whales and they are well known for their incredible size and long migration patterns.
During heavy rainstorms, homeless animals would drown and float down the streets, giving the appearance that it had actually rained cats and dogs and proving that even before the internet people would believe almost anything.
Play fighting among kittens may be a way for them to practice and learn skills for hunting and fighting. Only if the the dog is wagging and panting and coming to them for attention, and parent and dog owners are supervising and have given permission, should a child touch the dog. Keep the dogs in separate room or crate until the visitors are settled and then allow the dog to say hello if appropriate.

Then Mom and Dad decided they felt bad for making me take the icky stuff so now I get cheese before my meals!!! Make sure that the dog associates visitors with something good for the dog, such as special treats or a stuffed bone. Even dogs who seem happy with visitors should never be alone in the room with visiting children.

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