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So dogfooding is all about using yourself what you expect others to use, and this is a common practice seen by Google and Microsoft, and quite a few other companies. So my main use of dogfooding is to pinpoint anything annoying, tedious, or unclear about my apps so that the end user has a better experience. Dogfooding benefits our clients because, we see firsthand every day what the user experience is like with our application.
For one thing, dogfooding a psuedo-OS layer like Home would take much, much longer than for an app, and it seems Facebook didn't respect this formidable adjustment period.

Dogfooding gives you a way to solicit immediate and brutally honest feedback that would be almost impossible to obtain anywhere else. Still, Home's tepid rates of adoption hold important lessons about how dogfooding does and doesn't work. Dogfooding is a quick internal sanity check that ensures the product team stays empathetic to users. Counterintuitively, dogfooding only works in certain scenarios: Here's how to do it, as illustrated by Facebook Home.

The importance of dogfooding might best be understood by what happens when you don’t do it. Bug Tracking Software Most of the data you’ll get during dogfooding will likely be bug reports.

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