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The training tips featured in this video work for all dog breeds and can help any owner to choose and raise the perfect family dog of their dreams.
ShutterstockAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowSo you've just recently made an adorable addition to your family—a brand-new puppy.
Dog expert Cesar Millan, star of National Geographic Channel's popular Dog Whisperer show, recognizes that housebreaking your puppy can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating task.

Luckily, Millan shared a few secrets with WD that should help make potty-training your pup a cinch!
If your puppy has a messy mistake, instead of scolding him or her, remain calm and assertive while teaching your puppy the "right way." For example, if you catch your puppy in mid-act in your home, simply distract him with a light touch or sound, pick him up and take him outdoors immediately.
If you're frustrated or stressed, dogs can certainly sense the negative energy, which could possibly lead to instability and behavioral problems.

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