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Empathy involves reading and responding to the emotions of others, Communication tests how a dog uses information from others to learn about their environment, to test Cunning the games see how dogs use information to avoid being found out when doing something wrong. All the results are fed into the database and Dognition creates a detailed Profile Report that explains how the dog thinks. The Memory game tests how the dogs use past experiences to influence future choices, and Reasoning looks into how the dog finds a solution to a new problem. Dognition also donates a toolkit to charity Canine Companions in the U.S for every toolkit bought.

The most famous game on this list is Howrse, also Animal Jam and Pet Party are very popular as well. The Dognition site, based in North Carolina, uses questionnaires and games to help dog owners determine how empathetic their pet is, how clever it is at solving problems, whether it is choosing to ignore you or genuinely doesn't know what you're saying, and more. Dogs are assigned personality types with character traits and these can be compared to other dogs of the same breed, age and size, as well as other breeds. It can be used by owners to learn more about how their dog thinks, train their pet more effectively or help decide which breed of dog to get next, for example. If you run out of games here, please visit our sister site Pony Macaroni where we list all horse and pony games for you.

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