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This canine product of the American melting pot is a true success story, a bulldog-terrier cross that made its way out of the fighting pits and into the hearts of dog lovers.
Even without much of a tail, the Pembroke Corgi boldly expresses its affection and interest in people. The Presa Canario, also called the Dogo Canario or Canary Dog, was historically a guardian and cattle driving dog.

As is common with working dogs, they show physical variation, because mating is based only on working qualities and gameness.
Venerated as good luck charms, the elegant little lion dogs lived a pampered existence and were not seen outside their country of origin until after 1860. This is a smart house dog whose alert and vigilant nature makes it a fine family companion and watchdog.

The breed originated on the Canary Islands, a group of Spanish volcanic islands that sits about 100 miles northwest of Africa.

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