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This just proves that every dog is capable of so much.  One of the many reasons why we need to just put a stop to puppy mills.
Clancy ~ My Keeshond, Dog Tricks, Keeshond stuff, Uncategorized, Videos starring Clancy the Keeshond! Clancy ~ My Keeshond, Dog Sports, Dog Tricks, Uncategorized, Videos starring Clancy the Keeshond! Clancy ~ My Keeshond, Dog Sports, Keeshond stuff, Uncategorized, Videos starring Clancy the Keeshond! Another fun March event we will be doing is the Maryland Dog Fest, where Clancy is entered into the Dog’s Got Talent show!  I know I haven’t showed off how truly talented he is yet on here, but I promise to post videos soon of his large variety of tricks, many of which are very unique! Other dog trainers rely on combinations of techniques that may include corrections with a quick jerk on a choke collar to regain the dog’s focus.
The keeshond is an emotional dog that does not respond well to harsh corrections, punishments or raised voices. Though Clancy and I will likely never be classified as “athletes”, we do enjoy having fun participating in all kinds of dog sports! Everyone knows that a tired dog is a good dog, and nothing tires a dog out more than another dog!
While a dog park is a great place for your dog to socialize and play with other dogs, it’s also a great place for you to bond with your dog and practice training.
The double-gated entrance to the dog parkThis Afghan Hound feels a little nervous being on his leash at the dog park.
Some dogs try to initiate play by wrapping their arm around another dog’s back, which may trigger humping.

If a dog fight does break out (a rare occurrence which rarely lasts for more than a few seconds), encourage everyone to not scream or yell (which hypes up the dogs more). Watching your dog have fun, meeting so many different kinds of dogs and chatting with other dog lovers makes it fun to visit the dog park.
While I can appreciate the concerns of those that avoid dog parks due to fear of dog diseases or dog bites, please keep in mind that the vast majority of dog park patrons are responsible dog owners. Letting your dog play with other dogs and getting fresh air together is another way to bond together. To find a dog park near you or near your travel destination, ask other dog owners or anyone in a dog related business. Especially for puppies, you have to use positive training techniques and make learning fun! This will allow your dog to escape from the crowd that usually is at the gate to greet the new dog. Participating in dog sports creates a stronger bond with your furry best friend and is a lot of fun!Before signing up for a dog training class, ask if you could observe a class to see if it would be right for you.
They pick up on routines rather quickly (you know they know when it’s dinner time!) By introducing and enforcing some basic rules, your dog can become an ambassador for dog-kind. There are a variety of dog training classes out there you could sign up for, or have a dog trainer come to your house for private lessons, or there’s a large variety of dog training books and free advice on the Internet. If every dog was well cared for, sat politely to be petted and posed no threat of danger to people, there would be a lot less fear of dogs and less red-tape in public places. In order to pick the appropriate type of training for you and your pup, you should be aware of the learning traits of your specific breed of dog (it’s as easy as doing an Internet search!) The most important aspect of teaching your dog, is consistency!

All dogs love to learn new things and with even just 10 minutes of daily training sessions, it won’t be long before your dog can show off what it knows! If your dog can complete all ten items on the test, they are indeed an ambassador of dog-kind and you should be proud to bring your dog out in public!
While you have work, family, TV, and other entertainment to occupy your time, you have to remember that all that your dog has… is you! For example, if you tell a dog to stay and it moves before you release it, you must place your dog back in the original position and tell them to stay again. They want to please you and will eventually learn to do what you want with this type of training. Every dog and owner should aspire to achieve this to be a confident ambassador of dog-kind! Training to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (any dog, mixed or pure-bred can achieve this) takes a lot of practice and patience. If you ask your dog to come and it doesn’t, then you have to go get your dog and make it come.

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