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Details about  Training Treat Pouch Bags for Dogs & Pet - Stores Dog Treats 4 Agility Training! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for your Poochie(s) and You :-) It truly is all about the dogs to us!
This is my all-time favorite treat bag now, since the old Quic Draw bags are no longer available, only the designer bags. This bag is specially designed for dog trainers, with a wide opening mouth allowing easy access to treats.

It closes with a drawstring, keeping the contents free from rain and roaming dog’s tongues!
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Love this bag because it has a wide secondary mesh pouch on the outside rather than just a small pouch suitable for a clicker or roll of poop bags, which are hard to et out from such a small pocket. This bag is far superior for ease of quickly getting at what you need in the outside extra pouch.

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