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Our training is based on rewarding the desired behaviour and motivating your dog so that he will enjoy the training sessions.
Reward-based training has been used with great success for many years when managing and training wild or exotic animals, but has only recently been applied to dog training. We can show you a variety of simple training methods that will have you achieving your training goals effectively and fast!
We can teach you behavioural Strategies through either a Private Consult or one of our Training Schools. Behavioural training teaches your dog how to act and behave in an appropriate manner within the family unit. This page contains links to dog obedience training & other fun, related websites of interest.
Your Critter Sitter Mobile Pet Services is more that just a dog walking, dog grooming, pet sitting service.

Ellie dog provides training in Sydney for dogs of all ages, either in group classes or individual sessions. Based in Lane Cove, Ellie dog is Sydney’s leading provider of puppy classes, adult dog training and individual training sessions for those who want a more tailored dog training service.
Our individual puppy training sessions are very popular to help you settle in with the new family member. All dog training is provided by Sue Dingwall a Delta Dog training graduate who is passionate about helping you get the best from your dog with training that is, fun, friendly and humane. Also a motivated, stimulated dog is likely to be a happier dog who is eager to learn and who will enjoy training because it invigorates his mind. Most of us simply want a dog who can be calm in the house, doesn’t destroy the garden and doesn’t jump up on visitors, particularly children or grandma!
By implementing some simple exercises and setting up structured guidelines and house rules for your dog to follow, that are both specific and consistent, you will be able to better manage him and so have the tools to develop him into a well-behaved and happy canine family member!

We tailor a program to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement.
Set in more than 400sqm of space in the heart of Sydney, For Dogs Sake caters for up to 60 dogs a day and will manage dog activities, walks, grooming, and care in a safe and fun environment. It is believed that they are the third oldest veterinary hospital in Sydney still practising in the same location. Training should never be frustrating or a chore – it should ALWAYS be fun for both you and your dog.

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