Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

Personal protection puppy training
You proudly walk your dog down the street with them right by your side with the leash loose.
Friends come to visit and your dog does not go crazy and jump all over them but instead stays happily in their bed (till you say it is okay to get up).
Imagine your dog listening to you in everyday life and when it’s most important (like when they get loose out of the house!).

Imagine your dog listening to you every time, and behaves even when there are lots of exciting things going on, doesn’t jump, bark like crazy, or pull on the leash.
Work together with a trainer to teach your dog to respond happily and reliably to your direction. When we meet you and your dog for the first time, we start by discussing your goals, and then develop a plan that offers a proven solution.

Another plus is that because the trainers give you lots of advice and tips, I’m better able to train my dog too!

Dog barking non stop in crate
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