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During obedience dog training at your home, we might run into these problems: dog is ruining furniture, is chewing on books or shoes, pulls on the leash, barks and bothers the neighbors. We offer obedience dog training and aggressive dog training for every breed of dog, from small breeds, such as Yorkshire and toy terriers, miniature Pinschers, and Chihuahuas, to breeds such as Labradors, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, and Malinois, as well as many other dogs. Call us today and we can help solve your dog's behavior problems where they happen - your home. With our unique Multi-Method Training™ we can quickly identify what your dog positively responds to for the fastest and best, long-lasting results.
Dog training is a great hobby to have in order to maintain the best relations with your beloved pet.

Our schedules are flexible and our experienced trainers apply a personalized training approach to your dog. Doing so teaches it right away that it needs to behave and has it learn the rules of living with your family.
A trained dog won’t steal food from the table because it has its own place from which it eats where you bring food to it.
Similarly, you can set up a small agility course at your home to start agility dog training in order to release the dog of any extra energy so that he or she doesnt chew on furniture or shoes.
We also use special agility dog training where he or she runs and jumps enough so that he or she can happily rest at home.

A family dog can walk properly in public places because the dog is trained and the owner wants to not only spend time with his family, but also with his dog.

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