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After the success of last month’s dog world records post I decided that it was time to do something with a little more substance.
We hope you enjoy the second post in our series of infographics… If so don’t forget to check out our collection of dog beds, dog coats and raincoats and waterproof dog collars. Firstly, pretty much all owners think that their dogs are better trained than other people do. Happily, 94% of respondents reported that they do at least some training with their dog at home… and of the other 6% there were a few who believed their dog to be perfectly trained. Of the commands that a dog actually knows, sit was by far the best taught with 90.2% of dogs reportedly knowing to put their bums on the floor when commanded. Finally, and on a happy note, 99.5% of people now believe that rewarding a dog for good behaviour is an acceptable training and learning method. I’ve compiled a basic out put of the dog training information survey raw data into the attached excel file.
This is a really nicely put together piece of information about dog training and I shall send links to many of my dog friends.

I’ve worked hard with all my dogs in order to make them happy and balanced and also to make my own being with them as happy as possible. Mine are well trained until they see a rabbit and then they’re off, all training forgotten!
Great post, we all need to do a little more when it comes to training our fuzzy faced friends.
Based on research about dog training habits from over 1000 dog owners, this graphic shows the thoughts and opinions about training man's best friend. So, as a rose-tinted dog owner with three very well behaved pooches (I’d give them at least an 8 out of 10) I decided to set up a dog training survey to find out what everyone else thought. The plot thickens when you realise that owners who have 3 or more dogs are almost twice as likely to have attended socialisation classes – a massive leap! I’m not sure if they were drunk when replying but if not they must be the luckiest dog owners in the world (or have Cesar Milan as a personal friend). As a general rule, a 7 or 8 out of 10 was the answer here and when drilling down further it becomes apparent that those who went to socialisation classes found training to be far easier.

On a mission to make pet sites more interesting and, hopefully, put a smile on people's faces along the way.
My present dog is a rescue case and still, after two years of training, we have some issues.
It is what I concider to be the most important thing you can teach your dog as it could possibly save your dogs life one day. This can most likely be accounted for by those that took their dog training as a puppy but, sadly, my research didn’t have a specific question for this. Remember, we’re all trainee dog owners, no matter how experienced we are… and a workout with our canine friends is great fun for everyone!
What was more noticeable, however, was that those who don’t own a dog themselves were more likely to give dogs a higher score (the most popular being 7 out of 10).

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