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Personal protection puppy training
In Los Angeles, it is quiet hard to find a dog trainer that is willing to train aggressive dogs.
The dog will be pleased to do something or to provide service for the participant, and the participant will find a new found confidence within him or herself. Master Dog Training offers many services, including a dog hotel which includes one acre of lush green property, a pool, an agility obstacle course, indoor facilities for massages and training, as well as specialized Shutzhund equipment. The participant also learns how to performcertain tasks with the dog such as walking, playing , cleaning, and traveling.

The responsibility that comes from being a dog owner: taking care of the dog, walking with them leads to happiness for both dog, and owner.
The dog and its owner will participate in different games, and obedience commands will teach the participant to control their dog with over 15 different commands. Our specialists will help you come up with a program specially customized for your dogis age, breed and temperament. Dog massage is used after an active walk (different games, running, swimming, and the obstacle course).

The dog is massaged by a qualified specialist that fully understands dog physiology and anatomy.

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