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Ok, some people spell it as Milan, Milian or Millian, but everyone knows it's Cesar and not Caesar or Ceasar! Anyway, here's your chance to buy Cesar's DVD if you've been looking for it or thinking about it, and help out with a nice commission!
Top 5 Dog Training DVDs-->Positive, gentle training methods are far more effective, and produce a happy, confident, healthy dog that has a close bond with its owner than harsh, fear and pain inducing methods.
It contains the entire first season, consisting of 26 episodes, plus an additional DVD containing unseen footage, outtakes, and auditions.
This five-week course provides basic training and teaches pet parents how to avoid destructive behaviors such as chewing. It helps pet parents make the training experience fun, enjoyable, and rewarding for themselves and their dog. It teaches behavior modification and positive training techniques to allow pet parents to train their dog quickly, gently, and easily. Search from any eBay page, identify the DVD best suited to your dog, check seller feedback and confirm your purchase.

It also provides guidance on how to achieve good behavior in the home, outdoors, around other dogs, and around people. It is well suited to dogs of any age or ability, and teaches the basics of successfully training an obedient, well-mannered dog. It covers the basics that any dog or puppy really should know, such as sitting, waiting, and staying on command.
The DVD deals with common issues such as pulling at the leash, jumping up, and destructive behavior such as chewing, mouthing, along with toilet training, crate training, vehicle travel, and separation training. Therefore, purchasing a dog training DVD that provides a fun, engaging training course is a great option as it saves money and allows consumers to train at their own pace. It provides guidance on basic training as well as rehabilitating abused dogs and those with behavioral issues that consumers can put to use with their own dogs. This DVD only uses positive reinforcement training, without the use of any harsh and unpleasant training methods. It also teaches how to achieve a confident, well-mannered pet that gets along with other dogs and people.

It teaches a variety of gentle training methods, including treat, praise, toy, and clicker training.. Whether you have a new puppy, an older rescue dog, or your pooch just needs a refresher course, a dog training DVD is an invaluable tool. The most popular dog training DVDs are those that offer a comprehensive training course and use positive treat, toy, praise, and clicker training methods. The training teaches simple hand signals and vocal commands that work for any breed or age of dog. It provides you with an obedience class at home, without the expense of weekly visits to a professional trainer and lets you and your dog proceed at your own pace. Using gentle methods, this DVD helps pet owners understand and bond with their dog through positive training and helps them work toward good behavior, correcting destructive tendencies and teaching owners how to set boundaries for their pets.

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