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We may also decide that some places in the house, like the nursery, will be off limits to the dog.
Many dogs will also need to brush up on their manners, especially when it comes to how they’ve become accustomed to soliciting our attention. Reinforcement-based training. Expecting parents should focus on teaching simple useful skills to their dogs. Dogs with behavior challenges. Most dogs will accept a new family member with few or no issues at all. Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA is a dog behavior consultant specializing in aggressive behavior in dogs. The first step is to focus on what you want your dog to do rather than on what you don’t want him to do. Puppy classes are good for humans. Humans who engage in early training with their young dogs bond more strongly with their dogs.
These dogs suffer from health issues ranging from mange to broken bodies to heartworms.  Most rescue groups raise funds for the proper medical treatment for all of the animals in their care. Nearly every one of these dogs also suffers from behavior problems ranging from poor manners to extreme fear of humans to aggression toward humans or other dogs.  Very few rescue groups provide professionally structured behavior care for any of their animals. A lot of dogs are very fast learners, even dogs who have some behavior related to fear and aggression.  We can lay out a plan to teach them essential skills (often quite simple skills) to help them handle life in our crazy human world with a bit more, shall we say, grace.
There are lots of things we can teach our dogs using clicker training that take very little time, a matter of weeks if not days.
Scott has worked with dogs most of his life, having owned two Golden Retrievers, a Labrador Retriever and now his current dogs: Miah, Newman and Kramer.
The IACP is a tremendous resource for trainers, breeders, groomers and any one working in the dog world. If you are looking for a dog trainer in the Texas (San Antonio) area, I highly recommend Carlos Jech and his staff at Canine Instinct.
Houston dog trainer Michael Baugh specializes in canine behavior related to fear and aggression. While there may be some breeds that  are a better fit for your lifestyle than others, the answer to the question of kids and dogs usually isn’t about breed. This approach works with all misbehavior, but let’s look at one example in particular: the dog who menaces visitors with barking and growling. Just as harsh training has its deleterious side effects (sometimes called “fall out”), positive reinforcement training has it’s emotional benefits.
When friends, relatives, and even some clients list the qualities they want in their dog we fire off that zinger. While we’re tripping over all the things we want dogs to not do, we forget what it is about them that we like so much.
The level of retraction of the commissures of the lips is excessive as compared to the amount of tongue extension.   The dog’s mouth is open relatively wide, yet there is very little “spooning” or expansion of the tip of the tongue as would be expected for more effective heat dissipation. Special thanks to Cleveland dog trainer Kevin Duggan CPDT-KA for contributing to this post.
It boils down to showing the dogs in our care that their behavior (their actions) matter.  Good things happen when they behave a certain way (the way we like).
In the months and years ahead Project Rusty will be rolling out programs to help shelters and rescue groups better care for the behavioral health of their dogs. So let us help you practice the right way and help mold you into a true pack leader who will provide the stability and structure that your dog is so desperately yearning for. Learning directly from Cesar Millan himself, Linn has taken Cesar's methods and added his own twist to create a very balanced an effective way to communicate with dogs. Cesar Millan's website contains mountains of very useful information in dealing with issues you may be having with your dog. If you are looking to become more educated in using the remote collar as a training device, I can't think of a better place to go! If you are looking for a dog or have a dog that you can no longer care for, contact Love-A-Stray for more information. They are very knowledgable and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure both dog and owner are properly trained.

Tongish and his staff at Granger Vet are some of the nicest, caring folks I've ever met and have the experience and knowledge that I trust to care for my own dogs. He’s been a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant since 1999 when he founded North Coast Dogs in Cleveland, Ohio. The dogs who are best with children are the ones we’ve taught to behave well around kids. The idea is to keep the dog in the room and allow him to interact appropriately in ways very similar to before the baby came. Foregoing archaic methods does not mean we are being gratuitous or precarious in our training.
Dogs who are trained with praise, smiles, and well-timed food treats (again, think clicker training) are generally more engaged socially, respond with vigor to training, and respond more reliably with reduced aggression. I will admit, though, a bit of warm satisfaction when I see what dog training does to people.
When a human being starts thinking about his dog differently, when he uses smiles and praise and food in training, when he sets aside his anger and force and restraint, something happens. Folks who’ve learned how to communicate with and teach their dogs using force-free methods do this a bit differently, though. But don’t think I didn’t see it – the child and parent smiling and working together, the man in love with his wife more so now because she loves his dog, the family listening – taking turns – encouraging each other – just like they do with the dog.
They want a dog who doesn’t pee in the house, doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump on people, doesn’t pull on leash, and doesn’t chase the children.
The lips are vertically elevated (no downward droop) to the point that almost all of the dog’s teeth are visible.
Puppy classes that include interesting and enriching activities like play, exposure to novel sights and sounds, as well as fun interactions with other humans can help our young dogs’ brains grow stronger (and measurably bigger, too).
A well-designed and properly supervised puppy class helps our young dogs learn that the world is full of wonder, with other dogs, new people, and new sights, sounds and smells. Smart puppy classes fill their brains early on with lots of good habits, simple tasks that even very young dogs can learn. Plus, we learn skills for training our dogs even more useful and complicated tasks as they mature. Our dog still jumps on the visitor, but instead of thinking poorly (and inaccurately) about him we notice that the dog is behaving the same way many dogs do.
If you’re mumbling “stupid dog,” then you can pretty much chalk that up as a negative thought. The truth is, you are already teaching the dogs in your care every day.  Every waking minute they are learning, not just from you but also from your family, the cat, the bird, and of course from the other dogs in your home.
Most importantly, Scott returned with the answer to every dog training question, and how to teach his clients to apply the answer to create or restore a healthy balance to their own relationships with their dogs and humans! It was here that Scott's formal dog training career began when he joined a local Schutzhund club. Linn is filled with years of knowledge and experience, both in dealing with dogs and people alike. Carlos' philosophies are similar to ours here at VK9TA in that he aims to improve the quality of life of both dog and owner. Fox 8 cares for Clevelands animals and VK9TA supports and thanks them for their contribution to improving the quality of life for our local animal friends!
Michael is a contributing author to the book The Dog Trainer’s Resource and has been honored by the National Dog Writers Association. No less important, these are also dogs who live with kids who have learned to behave well around dogs (we’ll leave that part for another blog entry). It’s easy for dogs to learn appropriate ways to get our attention (like sitting politely) by reinforcing that good behavior with food, praise, petting and play.
Instead let’s ask ourselves what we’d like to see the dog do when visitors come over instead of barking and growling.
Susan Friedman, professor of psychology at Utah State University, says it’s simply “the perennial gap between research and practice.” Trainers, even some on TV, focus heavily on the dog’s misbehavior. We take responsibility for our dogs’ learning, and we take on an advocacy role for them as a result.

We really watch our dogs, with soft attentive eyes, like we’re looking at a brilliant painting, or watching a fascinating film for the fist time. The dog’s lips have a pronounced downward droop and there is no extension of the tongue out of the mouth.
We may feel some comfort knowing that behavior can change (if my dog learned to jump on people, he can also learn other things). Just hanging out with fellow club members was enough to peak Scott's interest into this amazing sport and get further involved in the world of dogs. This is the rescue to research if you are in the market for a dog because they truly understand Exercise, Discipline and Affection! I recommend crate training dogs to teach them they have a safe place to settle down on their own. They’re constrained by ever-forceful practices aimed at suppressing what they don’t want the dog to do. All of the stories we tell on our dogs, all the commands and admonitions, they all fall silent.
They want a dog who doesn’t “have a mind of his own,” isn’t dominant, and won’t cause any trouble. There has to be a process for helping dogs act better and feel better around their new humans. We teach the dogs what works for them in our crazy human world – and at the same time we teach them that we’re not all that crazy after all.
After spending time learning more about the sport, Scott purchased his own dog and then brought "Miah" to a practice and she enjoyed it as much as he did! We will show you everything you will ever need to know in order to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a well-balanced dog.
This skill allows the dog to stay in the room with the family (see inclusion above) while also keeping still and calm. See for the first time how reinforcement changes not only your dog’s behavior, but also how you feel about your dog, and you won’t soon forget it. Dogs come toward us, walk the path with us, pick up and bring things to us, play with us, tug at a toy and our hearts. Scott and Miah had a lot of fun competing and practicing during their Schutzhund career, but Scott was more fascinated with the training of dogs and improving relationships more than competing. All of these skills are taught with modern reinforcement-based training (think clicker training). Let’s use positive reinforcement training (clicker training, perhaps) to teach the dog to go lie in his crate when guests arrive. Behavior scientists have known for decades that punishment (intimation in the name of training) has its limitations and side effects. As we progress, we add other pro-active behaviors related to teaching our dog calm confidence when visitors are present.
Dogs subjected to these methods often withdraw from social interaction, have suppressed responses to training cues, escalate their aggressive responses, or develop generalized fear (Friedman, 2001). We stop looking for error and evil and we start seeking out our dog’s goodness, his correctness, and his best moments of simply being. We are always willing to work with those who desire to better their lives and the lives of their dogs. We don’t want to associate the new baby or child with anything that involves scaring or hurting the dog. But by verbalizing positive thinking you will automatically begin to think more productively about your dog and training. For me it’s the moment I look at a dog and understand and know in my heart and in my brain that she understands too.

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