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Live with the Dog of Your Dreams The first step in ensuring that you live an enjoyable life with your beloved pet is to learn how to communicate with him or her. After successfully passing all test - you will receive a certificate from our International Master Dog Training Center! The Dog Trainer Online Course materials are supplemented by a video which vividly demonstrates a number of issues involving the theory and practical methods of training. As a professional pet groomer, you can work towards opening your own salon, starting your own mobile grooming business, or work in an animal shelter, veterinary office, or possibly at our own Masterdog training location!

Our Master Dog online Dog Grooming course is a foundational course for beginners and aspiring dog grooming professionals.
You'll also learn the professional vocabulary and terminology that is unique to the dog grooming profession.
After complition all tests you will receive a certificate of complition from our International Dog Training Center!
While indulging in your artistic side, you will also be at the forefront of a dog's overall health and well-being.

The chapters presented in the course is all the background you'll need to understanding dogs, the AKC breeds, variations within the breeds, dog anatomy, care, feeding, vaccination, temperament and behavior, first aid and much more. Particularly, the technical and theoretical reasons behind cuts for each popular breed, and how to prepare a dog for the professional dog show circuit.

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